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You can search agricultural chemical usage by selection of one area, one year, one or multiple crops, and one or multiple chemicals.

The output of this search is shown in your browser only. For the users who want to have a spreadsheet output, please copy the browser output and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet. As an alternative, you can click here to generate an Excel spreadsheet output automatically.

Crops surveyed vary depending on year and state. Some crops were surveyed infrequently in both year and state. For example, Almond-All was surveyed in California in 1999 only. To save you search time, we strongly encourage you to click here to find the survey information in relating to your search first.

Due to the size of the database, you can not select All Program States, All Years, All Crops, All Chemicals, or All Program States, All Years, All Crops and a group of chemicals (for example: Insecticides) at the same time.

Area Year Crop (1 or multiple items*) Chemical
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** Not all states are surveyed each year. Programs States mean the states surveyed in a given year. To find the program states in a given year, click here..

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